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As an avid cyclist, both commuting and recreational, I'm always on the lookout for gear that enhances safety without sacrificing comfort or technology.I have bought many helmets. Recently I have found best helmet,

the LIVALL BH60SE NEO smart bike helmet, has not only met but exceeded my expectations, integrating advanced safety features with smart technology to enrich my daily rides. I have to said, this LIVALL BH60SE NEO is the best smart bike helmet.

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Safety First for Smart Bike Helmet

Have you hear this?

Cycling has the highest rate of concussions of any sport, including American football.

Choosing the BH60SE NEO was a no-brainer for me due to its compliance with stringent safety standards like CPSC 1203 and EN1078. These certifications ensure that the helmet can withstand significant impacts and provide reliable protection, a crucial aspect for anyone riding in varied environments, from busy urban streets to secluded rural paths.

The smart lighting with brake warning lights and turn signals significantly increases my visibility to other drivers, especially during evening commutes. The brake lights, in particular, have made a noticeable difference; drivers seem more aware of my presence and speed, reducing close calls significantly.

 The smart lighting with brake warning lights and turn signals significantly increases my visibility to other drivers, especially during evening commutes. The brake lights, in particular, have made a noticeable difference; drivers seem more aware of my presence and speed, reducing close calls significantly.

Beyond Convenience, Effortless Usability

The anti-lost alarm has proved invaluable, especially during busy city rides and cafe stops. Recently, while enjoying a coffee after a morning ride, I wandered a bit too far from where my helmet sat. Immediately, my phone and the helmet alerted me—preventing a potential theft or loss. As enthusiasts who love to ride, we generally have more expensive bikes. It is very important for us to prevent the loss of our bikes. I recommend this helmet to my other friends who love to ride bikes and they all rave about this feature.

The automatic activation feature of theBH60SE NEO is also perfect for me. It powers on when I put it on and shuts down as soon as I remove it, which means I never have to worry about whether I turned it off or not. This came in handy during a recent multi-stop ride through the city where I could simply remove the helmet without fussing with buttons, saving time and hassle.

With the remote controller conveniently mounted on the handlebars, users can easily manage the helmet's turn signals, answer calls with a single click, activate voice commands, and use the PTT walkie-talkie feature without removing their hands from the grips, thereby enhancing their safety while riding.

Lightweight and Long-Lasting

The helmet's lightweight design is a critical feature for me, as I often embark on long rides over weekends. Weighing just 0.66 lbs, it's easy on my neck and shoulders, and the adjustable fit ensures it stays snug and comfortable, no matter the distance.

On a recent weekend getaway, the helmet's battery life was put to the test. I used the lights and played music for the duration of my ride, and the battery lasted impressively throughout without needing a recharge. This reliability is something I count on for long rides away from charging facilities. It last over 9 hours.

The full-color LED taillights are not just functional; they're essential for night riding. Riding through less-lit areas of the city, the turn indicators and brake lights make me much more visible, providing crucial safety in low-light conditions.

Small Shortcomings of this Smart Bike Helmet Still Solid Safety

MIPS, or Multi-directional Impact Protection System, is a helmet technology designed to reduce rotational forces on the brain that can occur during certain types of impacts, enhancing brain protection. While the LIVALL BH60SE NEO does not feature MIPS, cycling enthusiasts concerned about this should take comfort.

The helmet has been rigorously tested and received certifications that comply with international safety standards such as CPSC 1203 and EN1078. These standards ensure it provides maximum protection for its users. Although MIPS adds an additional layer of safety, the existing safety features and certifications of the LIVALL BH60SE NEO offer substantial protection, making it a reliable and safe choice for cyclists prioritizing technology and robust safety features.

Should You Invest Smart Bike Helmets?

Absolutely! Investing in a smart bike helmet is a wise decision for any cyclist. These helmets provide enhanced safety features like built-in lights, crash detection, and GPS navigation, which ordinary helmets don't offer. Plus, they often include Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to easily listen to music or take calls without compromising your focus on the road. For those who prioritize safety and convenience, a smart bike helmet is definitely worth considering.

Many smart helmets are equipped with integrated LED lights, improving your visibility to other road users, especially in low-light conditions.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can answer calls hands-free or listen to your favorite music or podcasts without needing separate headphones, keeping your ears free to stay alert to surrounding sounds.

Some smart helmets have features that alert emergency contacts if a serious impact is detected, providing an extra layer of security in case of accidents.

Built-in GPS and voice navigation features can guide you without needing to look at a phone, helping you keep your eyes on the road.

Smart bike helmets are designed with comfort in mind, featuring adjustable fits, better ventilation, and lightweight materials.


How do I know if my bike helmet fits properly?
Your helmet should sit level on your head, with the front edge one inch above your eyebrows, and should not move when you shake your head.

What is MIPS technology in bike helmets?
MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a technology designed to reduce rotational forces during angled impacts.

Are more expensive bike helmets safer?
Not necessarily. All helmets sold must meet safety standards, but more expensive ones may offer additional features and comfort.

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