MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet
MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet

MT1 Neo Mountain Smart Helmet

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Bling Helmet MT1 Neo



Head circumference 54-58cm/58-62cm

Bicycle, Skateboard, Roller Skating, Hoverboard, etc.

Standards EN 1078, CPSC 1203

● Smart Lighting Automatic Sensor Lighting / Turn Signals

Smart lighting integrates adaptive technology to ensure your visibility in dark condition. Operate LED turn signals via handlebar remote control.

● Enjoy your ride Music makes a perfect match with riding.

Above-the-ear speakers and sonic wave control design secure your safety while enjoying music. You can also switch to voice navigation when you don’t know the way.

● Barrier free communication  One touch phone taking.

Answer phone calls using the remote control and enjoy clear sound both ways with the helmets in-built Bluetooth speakers and wind-proof microphone.Easily communicate with your fellow cyclists using the Walkie-Talkie function when riding in a group.

#Connection to Livall App through the internet is required(which causes some telecommunication cost) to realize this function.#

● Auto On/Off Anti-Loss Alarm

The helmet will be turn off automatically when the helmet is disconnected with phone and keep quiescence for 15 minutes.The helmet will automatically turn on when it moves.

When the helmet is connected with phone and the distance between helmet and phone exceeds 15 meters, both of helmet and phone will alarm to remind users.

● SOS Alert

Immediate notification of your accident to your family is exceptionally important.

Smart Features

Walkie-Talkie: Push to talk with your ride buddies.

Press for SOS: Press and hold to send an alert message to your pre-selected emergency contacts.

Stereo Speakers: Built-in speakers that let you listen to music while allowing ambient sounds to be heard.

Windbreak Microphone: Clarity of sound, even at top speeds of 60km/h.

Smart Lighting: Smart LED lighting technology that adapts to dark conditions.

Turn Signals: Indicate your next move to traffic and pedestrians.

Front & Brake Lights: The built-in gravity sensor communicates significant deceleration to those around you.

Anti-Loss Alarm: An anti-loss alarm will sound when the distance between phone and helmet exceeds 15 meters.

Voice Navigation: Connect your smartphone to get GPS directions via your chosen navigation app.

One-Click Answer: Easily answer or make phone calls on the go.

Fall Detection: Impact sensory technology that activates the emergency system and sends your location to your emergency contacts.

Auto-Off: Save power when the helmet is not in use with the Auto Off function. 

Smart Construction

Adjustable Fit: The tension adjusting system provides both safety and comfort.

Aerodynamic Ventilation – 21 vents: The unique ventilation design allows air cooling while reducing wind resistance.

In-Mold Construction: A lighter helmet with better protection thanks to EPS foam and polycarbonate construction.

 Weight Approx 310g
Bluetooth BLE 4.0 + BT 4.1, Max.10m
Speaker Stereo 2 x 0.5W
Microphone -39bB
Tail Lights Full-colour LED taillights & turn indicators
Buttons Power on, volume+, volume-
Charging Port Magnetic, DC 5V/0.5A, Charging time approx. 3hrs
Battery Capacity 3.7V/450mAh, 10hrs [lights], 3-6hrs [music + lights]
Standby Duration Max.180 days
Gyroscope 3-Axis

x1 Helmet

x1 Quick Start Guide

x1 BR80 Remote Control

x1 Magnetic USB Charging Cable

x1 Important Information & Warranty Card

Wondering which size to pick?

Our helmet sizes are based on head circumference, which can easily be determined by wrapping a measuring tape around your head. 

Note that all LIVALL helmets have an adjustable fit.





54 - 58 cm

58 - 62 cm

BH51T / BH51M

54 - 58 cm

58 - 62 cm

RS1 Snow

54 - 58 cm

58 - 62 cm


54 - 58 cm

57 - 62 cm


54 - 58 cm

57 - 61 cm


55 - 61 cm (one size)


55 - 61 cm (one size)


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Heitz

Great Helmet

I like it

I have actually only used the helmet one time.
But the quality of the sound is amazing.
Looking forward to exploring other features, including the turn by turn feature for this helmet.
Very pleased so far.

Michael Mallow

I just received the helmet yesterday. I really have had time to review. Looks good an solid the lights work. Get back to me in a few weeks.

Witold Popiela

My Helmet arrived today exactly 14 days after I ordered, I was very Happy with tracking system your company provide. As of the product it self and owner of sena helmet, I am completely and overly surprise how nice is this product!. from the box that came in to every single detail, remote control, everything its really done very nice. I haven't tasted on the road yet but I dont see anything wrong with it. super comfortable, and cheaper then Sena or for that matter every single helmet from any bike shop if you think of additional futures Your helmet provides its a No-brainer choice.
I am verry happy that I found Your website and Your product. I will recommended to any and everyone. I know my family members are already placing their orders. Again Thank You from Canada!!!

George A Anaya
Very nice

Good fit, easy set up, fine little speakers, very light. I like that the lights are imbedded. Turn signals are nice. Haven't tried the mic yet.

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