Warranty Information

The Warranty Card

By embracing the principle of "The Customer is the Focus", we fully protect your rights.

Please bring your valid warranty certificate and original invoice, which shall be completed by the distributor of the helmet and stamped with the official seal, and may not be altered, otherwise it will be deemed as invalid. The serial number sticker on the helmet shall not be destroyed, otherwise the warranty will be invalidated.

If the product is eligible for replacement, only the faulty part(s) may be replaced; if the battery was at fault, only the battery will be replaced; other parts such as the decorative nameplate and packaging materials may not be replaced; Consumable parts should be replaced for a fee.

In case of any damage due to reasons unrelated to the quality of the product (i.e. exposure to severe dampness and liquid, damages from drops or falls and improper use, etc.); or any damage to the product due to unauthorized disassembly; or taking to any other repair centers not designated by LIVALL; or any product beyond warranty period; LIVALL will provide maintenance and repair services and charge an appropriate fee accordingly.

Some problems might be incurred by exposure to severe dampness and liquid, severe damages and any alteration or modification. In cases where the product can be used normally before maintenance, but performs abnormally thereafter, it shall be deemed as an unrecoverable fault, for which LIVALL will not be responsible for returning the product to its former condition.

In order to provide better service for you, please take good care of your warranty card, purchase certificate and maintenance documents. 

Warranty Details

If there is any discrepancy or omission between the following and any national policy, the national policy shall prevail.

The warranty time is 1 year after purchase. Any quality problem can be maintained for free or it can be replaced within 30 days after purchase if re-sale is available.

LIVALL bears no responsibility for warranty over other product components. i.e, the Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, etc.

Warranty Description

The warranty services are only valid under conditions of normal use. In case of any damage caused by reasons unrelated to product quality or any of the following circumstances, warranty services shall not be provided. But paid maintenance may be carried out:

The warranty period expires; there is no valid invoice or warranty certificate, unless it can be otherwise proved that the product is within the validity date of the warranty period; the details on the warranty certificate do not match the specific goods or are altered; any damage caused by use, maintenance or care that contravenes the guidelines of the product's instruction manual; any damage caused due to disassembly by non-LIVALL designated service centers; any damage caused by force majeure; the product's natural wear and tear, such as on housing, buttons, paint, accessories, etc; any malfunction, defect or flaw not caused by LIVALL.


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