How Useful Is A Helmet While On A Bicycle

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There is no bicycle race anywhere that does not require a helmet. The logic is obvious. Race organizers will not take this risk. Professional and amateur racers will not take this risk. If you are hit by a semi-trailer, a helmet will not save you. If your head is hit hard enough, you may still get a concussion despite the advanced shock absorption technology of modern helmets. The role of a helmet is to protect your brain from moderate impacts that may cause concussions. Helmets have saved many lives and prevented many serious concussions.

Whether to Wear a Helmet While Riding

Wearing a helmet while riding is super important. Now, let's learn some basic knowledge of physics. For simplicity, let’s talk about the basic forces of collision. We need to think about forces. Imagine you have a toy car. If you push it softly, it moves a little. If you push it hard, it zooms across the room. This is because of a force called acceleration. The faster something moves and then stops suddenly, the more it can get damaged.

F = mass x Acceleration

Acceleration = Speed / Time

Think of it like this: If you are riding your bike and you suddenly stop, your speed changes very quickly in a very short time. This quick change in speed can hurt you. Your weight doesn’t change during a crash, but the speed and time do. Helmets help to increase the time it takes for your head to stop, making the hit softer.

In the US, helmet safety standards use 14 mph to test helmets. This means that if you are riding at a normal speed and you fall, your helmet is tested to make sure it can protect you.

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Why Helmets are Essential

Protecting Your Brain

Your brain as a very soft and delicate part of your body. When you fall off your bike, your brain can get hurt if your head hits something hard. A helmet helps by making the hit softer. It's like wearing a hat made of pillows. This pillow hat can help protect your brain from getting hurt when you fall or bump into something.

Reducing Serious Injuries

When you wear a helmet, it helps keep your head safe. It can stop bad injuries like cuts, bumps, and even big hurts like concussions. Imagine if you fell off your bike and hit your head on the ground. Without a helmet, your head would hit the hard ground directly, which can be very painful and dangerous. But with a helmet, the hard shell on the outside and the soft padding on the inside work together to protect your head from getting seriously injured.

Saving Lives

Helmets have saved many people from getting really hurt or worse. It’s like having a superpower to keep you safe. If you fall off your bike and hit your head, the helmet can take the hit for you. This means your head stays safe, and you can get back up and keep playing. Helmets can be the difference between a small bump and a trip to the hospital.

Keeping You Confident

When you know your head is safe, you can ride your bike without being scared. This means more fun and less worry. If you are always worried about falling and getting hurt, you won't enjoy riding your bike as much. But when you wear a helmet, you feel safer and more confident. You can try new tricks, ride faster, and have more fun because you know your helmet will protect you.

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How Helmets Work

Cushioning Impact

Helmets have a soft inside and a hard outside. The soft inside cushions your head, while the hard outside spreads out the force of a hit. falling on a bed of feathers versus falling on a rock. The feathers would make the fall softer, right? That’s what the inside of the helmet does for your head.

Slowing Down the Hit

When you fall, your helmet makes the hit take longer. This means your head slows down before it stops, making it hurt less. Think about jumping off a step and landing on a trampoline. The trampoline stretches and slows down your fall, so it doesn’t hurt. Helmets work in a similar way to make sure the force of the fall is spread out and less intense.

Breaking to Absorb Force

Helmets can break a little to take in the force of a hit, just like how an airbag works in a car. When you have a big crash, the helmet absorbs the force by breaking and crumpling. This helps to spread out the impact and protect your head. It’s like how a car’s airbag pops out to protect you during a crash.

Helmets are Made for Safety

Every part of the helmet is designed to keep you safe. The hard shell on the outside protects your head from sharp objects and hard surfaces. The soft padding inside helps to cushion the blow and make the impact less severe. The straps keep the helmet snug on your head, so it doesn’t fly off when you fall. All these parts work together to keep your head safe.

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The Safest Bike Helmet I've Ever Bought

As a fan of riding, I'm always looking for gear that enhances my safety and comfort. Recently, I discovered the LIVALL BH51M NSO bike helmet, and it has quickly become my go-to helmet. Here’s why:

Sound by JBL

The BH51M NSO is the only helmet with Sound by JBL. This means you get amazing sound quality for music and phone calls. Imagine enjoying crystal clear tunes and having smooth phone conversations while riding. It's like having a high-quality speaker right in your helmet.

FIDLOCK Magnetic Buckle

The FIDLOCK magnetic buckle makes fastening your helmet a breeze. Just snap it on and you're set. No more struggling with straps. It's quick, easy, and secure.

Long Battery Life

With up to 12 hours of battery life, you can ride for a week or more before needing to recharge. Even in freezing temperatures, the battery holds about 80% of its capacity, so you're covered in all weather conditions.

Smart Lighting Functions

Equipped with front and rear lights, the BH51M NSO has 53 built-in LEDs that provide smart lighting functions, including brake warning lights. This keeps you visible and safe on the road.

Patented Fall Detection and SOS Alert

The helmet features patented fall detection and SOS alerts. If you fall, it can detect the impact and notify your emergency contacts. This offers peace of mind that help is on the way if you need it.

If you're looking for the safest, most feature-packed helmet, give the BH51M NSO a try. You won't be disappointed!

Final Thought

Even though some people might tell you that you don't need to wear a helmet when cycling, remember that you are not Spider-Man. You don’t have superpowers to keep you safe from harm. Don’t be someone who can’t take care of themselves. Always wear your helmet. So today, put on your LIVALL BH51M NSO and ride safely!

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