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I tell you what is never changed in 20 years I've doing this radio program. Around the world, iHeart Radio, that telephone number if you want to ask question, holiday gift guide coming up soon, 713 212 5950, Michael is my name. No need to call me Mr. Garfield, no need to call me Mr. High-Tech Texan, I am just a boy. I am the guy giving you really good information.


We talk about advances and safety when it comes to sport. I am a runner, I started running 30 years ago, I’ve done marathon. The technology of shoes gets better, but in terms of safety, the outfitting, the clothing. I run at night, it is nice to have flashing lights. I have a running vest that is fluorescent, so people can see me at night. I talk about this. It is a great time for me to give you a quick review on another sporting product that is very very safe and really is must have. Every time you on a bike, bicycle, motorbike, hoverboard, Segway, whatever it is, you need a helmet. Kids listening, it is not an old guy, your dad telling “you need a helmet”. You need a helmet. I know people, I know relatives of mine who have been on a bicycle, and they have a spill, they have a fall. One of the reasons they're still alive now, it's because they were wearing some sort of a helmet, crashing on to something different device.


For a long time, there is a company who really makes smart smart helmet, it’s a company call LIVALL, they’ve been doing it for many years, either go to their website, or Amazon type LIVALL, you can see a number of their smart helmet. The newest which they call the crowning achievement of LIVALL, it is called EVO21, they didn’t send me a bike, sadly enough, but I do have a Segway, my kids have skateboards and walk around, as old guy as I am, I certainly do need to wear something.


Number one I don't like mess up the do, people you know me, my hair can’t never get messed up. Number two, you get little sweating, it is "helmet hair". First of all, I love the packaging, it is sharp, it is a sexy packaging, and then I pick this thing up, it is kind of light. This thing weights just about 350 grams, if you don’t know what 350 grams is, noticed the fact, I am not measuring it pounds and measuring it 350 grams, it is extremely light.


You talk about sleekness, I love the design of this thing, because as you moving the wind flows, because it gets some air holes through the front, out the side, out the back, so aerodynamic for all you Lance Armstrong wannabes, you want to create the speed you got it going on. So yeah, it is a traditional type of helmet, but oh I am not even with the technology yet. When you riding at night, when you riding in low light, maybe the darkness starting to set in, or maybe you get out in the early morning, you want visibility.


This one the EVO 21 as I am looking at it, it is come with battery inside, why it has battery? Because it has lights and lighting, 360-degree coverage no matter where you looking at this helmet. Which is great for ongoing traffic, traffic coming from side, and certainly from big one traffic from behind. It is not just lights shines, it is a smart light, it actually has a freaking brake warning light and get this - it has turn signals. So if someone is behind you, you wear this thing, you wire it to the bike, you hit a button, you let people know you are turning left, the back of the helmet blinking at left, it is very very smart. They really done a nice job. It gets the braking warning lights.


But also get this, talking about I know people who falling and can’t get up, some people they do get injury and they can’t get up. This helmet EVO21 has Fall Detection, when you fall from your bike, when you fall from your skateboard, you can set it, what it can do - it can send a message to your emergency contacts with your exact GPS location if you let it. Obviously If you fall, there is a way within 90 seconds, you not send the massage, but that is pretty strong. I can imagine for many times God forbid, if you got knock out, there is a big injury, you are not awake or something for a while, this emergency contact and GPS location is just phenomenon.


You look at this thing, it was on Indiegogo for a while, but I believe it is released right now. I want you to go to their website. This is a great holiday gift upcoming, especially now when it is going to get darker, we are going to do the day night saving time thing. If you are active person who does ride a bike, if you do a Segway, if you use hoverboard, whatever you get it going, or just walk around with it. I am a runner, I never thought about running with a lighted helmet, I have a light vest sometimes, it is something to do, you never know you just want to be protected.


Good for you, this is a great company, it is going to be a winner for these guys. LIVALL, LIVE ALL, a great smart helmet, EVO21, you can find actually on the website right now, it is the 1st thing you can see on their website, it is pretty cool.


Get out and buy this thing, this is a phenomenon one! This should be on your holiday gifts list now.

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