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If you've ever found yourself on a ride, struggling to hear your music or take calls, you know the importance of a quality Bluetooth helmet. Smart helmets have revolutionized the cycling experience, integrating technology that enhances both safety and convenience. We’re diving into the best road bike helmets with built-in Bluetooth speakers and microphones.

Why Choose a Bluetooth Helmet

Modern road cycling helmets are no longer just about protection; they’re about connectivity and convenience. Bluetooth helmets, or smart helmets, allow riders to listen to music, receive navigation directions, and make hands-free calls without compromising safety. These helmets come equipped with built-in speakers and microphones, offering a seamless audio experience that traditional helmets simply can’t match.

Why the LIVALL BH60SE Neo Stands Out

Top Safety, Top Priority

Safety is paramount when it comes to cycling, and the LIVALL BH60SE Neo doesn’t disappoint. This helmet has undergone rigorous testing and meets international safety standards, including CPSC 1203 and EN1078. Whether you’re commuting in the city or hitting the trails, you can trust that the BH60SE Neo offers the utmost protection. It’s not just a helmet; it’s your personal bodyguard on two wheels.

Anti-Loss Alarm

Ever misplaced your helmet or phone? The BH60SE Neo has got you covered with its anti-loss alarm. When connected to your phone, this smart helmet will alert you if the distance between them exceeds 65 feet (20 meters). No more panicking about leaving your helmet behind at the last café stop or misplacing your phone after a quick break.

Auto On/Off Functionality

Say goodbye to the hassle of fumbling with buttons. The LIVALL BH60SE Neo automatically powers on within 4 seconds of being worn and powers down when removed. Its LED lights adjust brightness based on the surrounding environment, conserving battery life whether you’re on dim trails or bright city streets. But how does this make your ride easier? It’s all about smart functionality making your ride seamless, letting you focus on the thrill of the journey.

LIVALL BH60SE NEO samrt road helmet

Integrated Bluetooth Speakers and Mic

The BH60SE Neo is equipped with built-in Bluetooth speakers and a microphone, allowing you to answer calls, give voice commands, and use the PTT walkie-talkie function seamlessly. Paired with the remote controller mounted on your handlebars, you can control all these features without taking your hands off the grips. Imagine cruising down the highway, blasting your favorite playlist, and effortlessly taking a call from your buddy without skipping a beat. But is the sound quality any good? Let’s dive in.

Smart Lighting Functions

Safety on the road isn’t just about wearing a helmet; it’s about being seen. The BH60SE Neo includes smart lighting functions such as brake warning lights and turn signals, alerting vehicles around you to your movements. These lights are crucial for safe night riding and in low-visibility conditions, ensuring you’re always visible to other road users. 

Fall Detection and SOS Alert

What happens if you fall? As the first brand to implement patented Fall Detection & SOS Alert functions in outdoor sports, LIVALL ensures that your safety is prioritized even in the event of an accident. The helmet’s sensors can detect a fall and send an SMS alert with your GPS location to preset emergency contacts after 90 seconds. Whether you’re tackling a challenging trail or navigating busy streets, this feature provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Effortless Control with Remote Controller

The BH60SE Neo’s remote controller, mounted on the handlebars, allows you to effortlessly control the helmet’s features. From answering calls to using voice commands and activating the PTT walkie-talkie, everything is just a click away. This ensures you can keep your hands on the grips and your eyes on the road, enhancing both safety and convenience.

LIVALL BH60SE NEO samrt road helmet

What Are the Benefits of a Bluetooth Helmet When You Are Cycling

Purchasing a quality helmet and then adding a reliable communication device can give you the same benefits as a smart helmet. Purchasing a quality helmet and then adding a reliable communication device can give you the same benefits as a smart helmet. why samrt helmets are indispensable, especially for group rides.

When you riding with your crew and trying to shout over the wind noise – not fun, right? A Bluetooth helmet changes all that. With built-in speakers and a microphone, you can chat with your fellow riders as if they were right next to you. It’s not much to look at, but the sound quality is like Avatar in Dolby audio at the IMAX theatre.

LIVALL BH60SE NEO samrt road helmet

When you’re on a group ride, staying together is crucial. Smart bike helmets with built-in Bluetooth capabilities make it easier to coordinate, reducing the risk of anyone getting lost or left behind. Unlike standalone communication devices like Cardo, which now require a monthly or annual subscription to unlock essential features, smart helmets offer seamless integration without additional costs.

Although you can still get the Cardo Neo or Edge with all the features included, they are being phased out. Therefore, investing in a smart bike helmet is a more convenient and cost-effective option. With a smart helmet, the leader or the person at the front or back can relay important information to the group, ensuring everyone stays on track and nobody misses a turn.

Bluetooth helmets can be pricey, but their benefits far outweigh the cost. They offer unparalleled convenience, making group rides smoother and more enjoyable. You can answer calls, get GPS directions, and listen to music without ever taking your hands off the handlebars. It’s a luxury that quickly becomes indispensable once you experience it.

LIVALL BH60SE NEO samrt road helmet

Let’s face it, long rides can get monotonous. With a Bluetooth helmet, you can listen to your favorite tunes or catch up on podcasts. It’s like having a personal DJ keeping you entertained and motivated throughout the journey. And who doesn’t love a good soundtrack to their adventure?

In case of an emergency, having a Bluetooth helmet can make all the difference. You can quickly call for help or alert your group to any issues. The ability to communicate instantly can be a lifesaver, literally. It’s peace of mind that’s worth every penny.


In the world of road cycling helmets, the LIVALL BH60SE Neo is a standout option for those seeking the best in connectivity, safety, and convenience. Its combination of top-tier safety certifications, innovative smart features, and user-friendly design make it a top pick for any rider. If you’re looking to elevate your cycling experience, the BH60SE Neo is a helmet that delivers on all fronts.


Can I use any Bluetooth helmet with my smartphone?
Most Bluetooth helmets are compatible with any smartphone that supports Bluetooth technology. However, it's always a good idea to check the helmet's specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific device.

How long does the battery last on a Bluetooth helmet?
Battery life varies depending on the helmet model and usage. On average, you can expect a Bluetooth helmet to last between 8 to 20 hours of active use. Standby time can range from a few days to several weeks. Always check the manufacturer's specifications for exact battery life.

Are Bluetooth helmets safe?
Bluetooth helmets are designed with safety in mind. The technology used in these helmets does not interfere with their primary function of protecting the head. Additionally, the hands-free communication feature enhances rider safety by reducing distractions.

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