Celebrating Women’s History Month with LIVALL Bluetooth Smart Safety Helmet

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March is Women’s History Month, where we recognize women’s achievements made throughout history in various fields. Beginning with just a week, mainly from March 7, 1982, it quickly became an entire month after realizing the many achievements that women have contributed to our society. Way before the 1980s, bicycles and women paired to make history together. While the early nineteenth century, bicycles were considered solely for men. Women who were denied the opportunity to drive quickly adopted this type of transportation and used bicycling and their costumes as a primary mode from getting to their intended destinations. 

Cycling and bicycling became a means to empower women and played a pivotal role in the opportunities that increased freedoms that come with mobility. Biking quickly served for women as a way to gain some independence. Over time transportation and liberations for women’s equality improved, and bikes became more for leisure than primary modes of transportation. This month we are saluting the contributions that bikes have made in helping women improve their lives and others. Here are a few tips that ambitious women on the go, moms, working women, and independent ladies can keep in mind as we celebrate such a historic month. 

LIVALL, Bluetooth safety smart helmets believe in supporting women’s contributions and share a few safety tips for women who are avid riders. 

Utmost Safety Tips For Women’s (BIKE) History Month

Numerous women are working extremely hard to run multiple bike-share programs, including Operation Managers, General Managers, Field Technicians, Bike Mechanics, and more!

We have compiled a list of valuable tips for biking safely when riding according to LIVALL.

  • Plan the route and try a test ride when traffic is light.
  • Before riding, adjust the seat to a height you are comfortable with, so you can touch down when you want to stop in traffic. 
  • Practice shifting gears when riding in a flat area to know how to downshift before finding yourself amid an incline. 
  • Downshift if you’ve to stop in the middle of the trip so you can start back up again quickly when the traffic light turns green. 
  • Wear reflective materials at nighttime and bright colors at daytime. 
  • Always wear a helmet before you ride. Ensure the helmet fits perfectly and buckle the chin strap.

In the case of an accident, heads are the first body parts that get injured. Helmet safety statistics cite that a helmet can reduce head injury risk by up to 70%. Wearing a helmet that fits perfectly is essential because it significantly prevents internal and external damage and potentially saves a life, and is essential biking gear.

A helmet can also protect you from bad weather like wind gusts, rain, and the sun’s UV damage. Besides that, biking can have hazards, and many accidents occur because drivers don’t see bikers. A helmet with lights or reflective strips can make bikers much more visible to drivers. This is critical specifically at dawn and dusk times because of poor visibility. When the weather conditions aren’t ideal, a biking helmet can improve the capacity to see potential hazards and other drivers on the road by keeping mud or water out of eyes. Additionally, a helmet with a visor helps shade the face and improves vision by mitigating the sunlight effects on the eyes. 

How To Choose The Right Biking Helmet?

The best bike helmets shouldn’t only provide the top level of protection and look good while riding. Biking helmets should be aerodynamic and lightweight and have more coverage and a prominent visor to shield the eyes. Our best pick is Livall’s EVO21 Biking Helmet which has multiple features and offers incredible performance, and is worth every penny!

Livall’s EVO21 Helmet’s features include 360° visibility and coverage, brake warning light, 30% more ventilation to cut down on sweat, and turn signals for visibility. It features SOS and patented fall detection technology, effectively detecting an impact and sending alerts to pre-specified emergency contact with the exact GPS location. 

A biking helmet will be a personal choice when it comes to pricing, aesthetics, aero, and ventilation needs. However, the most important thing you should consider before choosing the helmet is fit and safety. We recommended Livall’s EVO21 Biking Helmet because it has been put through stringent safety standards testing. Furthermore, there are physical differences between the shape and size of women’s and men’s heads. To accommodate this, Livall’s helmet provides a perfect fit for women’s heads, even if they have thick or lengthy hair. 

Wearing a quality helmet is the most critical element of biking to ensure utmost safety. You must wear one even at low speeds because you never know when a hazardous fall can happen. Helmets can’t protect you from every type of injury. You can get a concussion because your brain can bounce around during a crash. But with Livall’s EVO21 helmets, you can escape serious injuries! For more information, visit livall.com

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