LIVALL Lights Up IFA 2023

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Berlin, September 1, 2023 - LIVALL stole the show at IFA 2023 by unveiling a range of innovative products. Alongside their renowned smart helmets, LIVALL introduced the MC1 range smart motorcycle helmets, the PIKABOOST bike assist device, and their smart E-scooters, all of which captivated exhibitors and media.
LIVALL's smart helmets have been consistent favorites, equipped with safety lighting and patented fall detection and SOS alert, enhancing rider safety. At IFA, LIVALL showcased the latest helmet innovations, giving attendees a glimpse of smart commuting's future.

The MC1 range smart motorcycle helmets stood out with their advanced communication and navigation systems, allowing motorcyclists to stay connected and safe. They include patented fall detection and SOS alert, emphasizing the potential of smart technology in transportation.

PIKABOOST, drew attention for its ability to make cycling effortless. It installs easily on bicycles and dynamically adjusts assistance levels based on the cyclist's efforts, creating a more intelligent riding experience.

The founder and CEO expressed, "We're committed to providing safer and smarter commuting experiences. Our products represent cutting-edge technology and pioneers in the future of transportation."

With LIVALL at IFA 2023, we witness smart technology's potential in transportation. LIVALL will continue to innovate and offer worldwide consumers convenient, secure, and intelligent travel options. Whether you're cycling, motorcycling, or using a scooter, LIVALL is set to provide an unprecedented commuting experience, advancing the smart revolution in transportation.

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