LIVALL MC1 – smart motorcycle helmet was launched at IFA Berlin

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The other day, the new smart helmet for motorcycling was launched at IFA Berlin – the Livall MC1 that revolutionizes traffic safety for motorcyclists.  Equipped with LED warning lights and gyroscope, the Livall MC1 helmet will primarily give you 360 degree visibility in traffic.  The gyroscope will sense sudden decelerations and will light brightly to signal braking.

The HD camera integrated in the front (for the MC1 PRO model) is of great help for recording traffic images. The images are stored in the internal memory of 32Gb.

The technology present on the Livall MC1 moto headphones is taken from the BH51M series and embedded in the carbon fiber housing (MC1 PRO) and fiberglass (MC1), respecting the safety certifications in the field: DOT and ECE06.

In addition to visual signaling, the Livall MC1 headset comes with integrated speakers and anti-wind microphone, so at the touch of a button you will be able to take calls, listen to GPS instructions and communicate with other walking partners.

The headset comes with application, impact sensor, SOS alert and has a generous 2000mAh battery that allows an autonomy of up to 10 hours.
Livall MC1 smart helmet specs:
Material: carbon fiber and EPS
Bluetooth: Yes | communication distance 1200m
Integrated microphone: Yes, anti-wind.
Integrated stop lights: 360 degrees.
Integrated gyroscope
Impact detection sensor
SOS Alert
Touch control
Integrated speakers: Yes
HD Camera: Yes (MC1 Pro variant) – 1080P, angle 120 degrees.
Storage space: Yes (MC1 Pro variant) – 32GB
Battery: 2000mAh (MC1 Pro) | 1000 mAh (MC1)
Autonomy: 10 hours (music playback and lighting (8 hours video recording)
Loading duration: about 3 hours.
Charging port: 4P magnetic
Weight: 1400 gr (MC1 PRO) | 1600 gr (MC1).

The smart moto helmet will also be available in Romania starting with Q1 2023.

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